A hand swooped down to
firmly hold the ancient building
to root the architecture
to preserve the craftsmanship.
An artistic marvel
human and angel
earth and heaven
merged as one.

At Xclusive Interiors & Architecture, design is a tool we use to manipulate materials. It's a force we use to touch and transform spaces, engage the senses of people inhabiting those spaces and enhance their living experience. We make design delight, hug, exalt, inspire and stimulate persons living in a space.

The spaces we design are practical as well as aesthetically appealing. They imbibe elements of comfort and elements you desire. We spend a lot of time and energy into understanding the lifestyle and the culture of the occupants who are going to inhabit that space. The location, the density and the scale of the project could be anything.

This is because we want your space to be a sensuous experience. Combining light and texture; solid and void, we give you what you want in an amazing, novel format.

Every space tells a story. Xclusive makes sure that the story we tell is exclusively yours.

We are an award winning flock

Pune-headquartered Xclusive's journey into special design started in 2005. And there has been no looking back since. Today, we have a state-of-the-art design studio at Pune, where we use smart software and a dedicated team of professionals, including visual artists, computer professionals and professional designers to fashion your dream from an empty space.

All these years, Xclusive has been providing end-to-end service on projects of all scales, sizes and in nearly all sectors. We create transformative cultural, corporate, residential and other spaces that work in tandom with a client's personal philosophy and surroundings.

We look upon each design opportunity as an unfolding story – about the person occupying that space. He/she is the protagonist. By focusing on the protagonist, we are able to humanize our design intervention. The outcome?

Our clients begin to experience our work spatially, sensually, visually, emotionally and even spiritually.

At Xclusive, we believe that design is intimately linked to use, place, the client's aspirations and contextual factors, such as his/her cultural traditions. We also believe that the greatest designs cannot be reproduced. They are unique to the occupant. Our mission is to provide our clients around the globe with highly utilitarian, intuitive design solutions that are responsive to their needs and the changing environment in terms of both their scale and context.

Xclusive has a ten year long track record designing spaces that are rooted in the earth – using the sun, the wind, the trees, the water to create spaces that are inspiring and enriching.

Beautiful with a Zen-like appeal

Xclusive's practical and creative designs will fill your lives with hope, passion and happiness. We execute our designs based on a thorough understanding of the available space, your budget, your purpose, the storage requirements and the surrounding natural ambience.

Working in tandem

We ensure regular communication between our team and our clients, so as to achieve complete customer satisfaction with our service.

Customization to the T

Every design is tailor-made be it contemporary, Avant Garde or period. We take into account the architectural details, textiles, decorative finishes and even mid-century antiques to bring out the uniqueness in our projects. We make sure our designs are flexible enough to accommodate your busy lifestyles.

We can help you in choosing that perfect furnishing, fabric, style or finish and keeping your budget in mind, we can design your bedding packages, your furniture and your window treatments as per your specific requirements

We have the skill and expertise to manufacture bespoke furniture as well as upholstery pieces that will go well with your design scheme. Our professional network consists of trusted craftsmen, cabinet and furniture makers as well as accomplished tradesmen, who can tailor-make high quality furniture according to your scheme. All our bespoke furniture pieces are handmade at our Pune set-up.

Our Vision

To provide integrated solutions that help create beautiful spaces in which clients can fulfill their lifestyle goals.

Core Values


Xclusive believes that the customer knows the best. We understand that each customer's needs are different so it's important to conceptualize new designs for every client.

Our Ethos

We attempt to understand the lifestyle of each client and work towards providing an interior that is inspirational for them to live in. We will make sure the designs we create reflect their personalities and respond to their aspirations, tastes and lifestyles. The projects we complete are not only beautiful but also practical.

Quality Commitment

The materials we use are branded and of unmatched superior quality. The vendors we deal with are well-known players in the trade, who conform to our quality control practices. We ensure that all our procedures are evaluated regularly. Hard work, commitment and unique insight are guaranteed with our service, in order to be able to deliver within the scheduled timeline and client-specified budgetary framework.

My Story

Owner:Nidhi Jaju

Nidhi Jaju

If you have a dream I will strive to give it a life. The bigger you dream, the better it will be for me.

DEC 2017: Women entrepreneur award-Interior Designer By iiGlobal Women Leaders award
OCT 2016: Best Interior Designer in pune award by India Business at the hands of bollywood actress Huma Qureshi.
MAY 2016: Recognized and awarded as one of the Top 20 Interior Designers in India - Homes Magazine.
APRIL 2015: Recognized and awarded as one of the Top 20 Interior Designers in India - Homes Magazine.

Nidhi Jaju, a Pune based Interior Designer, is the driving force behind Xclusive. She has ten years of experience in designing residential and commercial projects. Nidhi has a natural flair for taking up bold concepts in design and infuse those with beauty, sophistication and warmth. Every site she has worked on gets transformed into a stimulating space, incorporating the minutest details that her clients spell out.

Constant reinvention is one thing she has concentrated upon and her efforts have focused towards gaining the trust of her clients. She digs extensively into research to break silos. The spaces that that she creates imbibe quality, comfort, function, modern amenities and naturally pleasing visual, light and sound elements.

There is magic in her creations, be it exterior or interior design. She has a team of artisans and master craftsmen who make it possible for her to deliver excellence in every project she undertakes. An end-to-end-service provider, customer satisfaction is amongst the top of her list of priorities.

Our teamwork makes your dreams work.

Xclusive has a young, creative team with all the expertise and experience needed to execute tour project with ingenuity and integrity. Each project that we undertake is executed with total dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism. Our staff is ready and willing to walk the extra mile to satisfy our clients.

We are What Our Customers Want Us to be

So whether you are looking for construction, renovation, civil work, landscaping, interior designing, outsource a turnkey project or seek consultancy on one aspect of a project, we will bend to your needs and delight in being of service to you.

process we follow

1. Requirement

2. Measurements

3. Drawings

4. Execution

At Xclusive, we believe that the dialogue between a client and an interior designer must be as intimate as you possibly can, because when you are discussing the contours of a living space, you are actually discussing your dreams. Our designs are our labors of love - poetic, mystifying and inspiring.

In addition, Xclusive combines professionalism with warmth and integrity. From conception to execution we remain in tune with them, taking their feedback, brainstorming and collaborating on ideas. Every project is a partnership to us.

A team of 10 plus architects and designers strive constantly to create projects that stand out because of the distinct approach towards design, detail and the latest technology. Research is critical to be competitive in an ever-evolving international design market and we understand this imperative.

Through this exhaustive process, we are finally able to extract useful insights and a spring of inspiration. We study and examine every design opportunity with child like curiosity and an unbiased open mind. We believe that good design is an outcome of careful study and research, combined with technical know-how and artistic skill. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with common sense ensure the finished product develops to its fullest potential.

  • "Every line that I draw has a meaning;
    Yet I stick to my initial sketching;
    My friend eraser, gives me ideas that are enduring;
    Yet I restrict myself from erasing."
  • "The site acts as a metaphor to my ideas;
    My mind jumps here & there unless I get serious."
  • "I search for the trick;
    How to make my design unique;
    Breaking the rules that are Greek;
    Yet bonding them with a piece of brick."
  • "I try to make my designs say hello;
    But how can u understand so in one go;
    Unless u creep in what I draw;
    Trying to avoid the flaw & yet appreciate the glow."

Our work says a lot about us. Passionate about all we do.

Awards & Recognition

DEC 2017: Women entrepreneur award-Interior Designer By iiGlobal Women Leaders award
OCT 2016: Best Interior Designer in pune award by India Business at the hands of bollywood actress Huma Qureshi.
MAY 2016: Recognized and awarded as one of the Top 20 Interior Designers in India - Homes Magazine.
APRIL 2015: Recognized and awarded as one of the Top 20 Interior Designers in India - Homes Magazine.
Office featured in Prestigious Design Matrix Magazine


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