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5 Residential Interior Designing Trends of 2023-24

We’ve all had a tough time dealing with 2020. While the shadows from 2021 continue to follow us into 2021-22 as well, the situation seems far more hopeful. Hence, it is time we resume working toward our aspirations and reclaim every happiness we deserve. Our homes, too, should get the aesthetic upgrade they need. Accordingly, Xclusive Interiors, one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad, talks about five interior design trends of 2023.

5 Home Interior Designing Trends of the Year 2023-24

1. Curved Furniture
The last decade remained dominated by straight-cut furniture. However, it seems in 2021, curves are all set to make a comeback. Accordingly, chairs with rounded backs and consoles with sharply curved legs. Further, sofas with round arms and a curved back are the thing to look out for when you next visit a furniture showroom!

2. Eco-Friendliness
This is a trend that remains perpetually on the list. And of course, why not? Something that isn’t eco-friendly doesn’t deserve to be a trend. The same applies to interior designs as well. Especially with the lessons, we learned from 2020, the use of eco-friendly material has only strengthened.

The trend involves the use of natural and more sustainable materials to elevate the home’s beauty. It refrains from the use of plastic and instead promotes the use of material with a lower carbon footprint.

3. Retro Elements
No matter how much modernization takes over our likes and preferences, the classical retro look always catches our fancy! So, in 2021, uplift the aesthetics of your home with the design elements from the glamorous 80s. Decorate your home with an 80s style lampshade, classical arches, sober furniture, etc.

4. Ocean Hues
After spending over 12 hours in front of the laptop screen, your eyes need something delightful yet soothing. Try enhancing the looks of your walls, fixtures, and furniture with a soft oceanic blue shade. Additionally, keep some plants in the living room to make the room look fresh and cool to the eyes. Do not forget, while enhancing aesthetics, you must also pay equal attention to comfort and grace to optimize the design.

5. Cheerful and Vibrant Colors
Cheerful colors never run out of business. Especially after the pandemic that gave us a tough and dull time at home, toning up the walls with some fresh, radiant, and lively colors becomes a must. Some of the colors to choose include yellow, mustard, etc. Of course, we leave the color choice up to you to decide, based on how you’d like your home to look and feel. But yes, cheerful and vibrant indeed form a trend to look at in 2021.

Xclusive Interiors – One of the Best Interior Designers in Hyderabad

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