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A Complete Makeover To Your House Via Seven Décor Tips And Trends

‘Home is where your heart is’. As per the saying, home is the place where you get pure bliss, contentment, joy, and happiness at the end of the day. So, it’s but natural that your abode is always an intrinsic part of your life, existence, and entity. All you want for your house is to be decked up as per your taste to make it a cut above the rest. With this end in view, we, at Xclusive Interiors Private Limited, the leading Interior Designer in Baner, Pune, housing the Residential Architect Pune as well as top architects in Pune, offer multiple options and services to decorate your abode so that it becomes the ‘talk of the town’!

Here are some tips in handy:

  • Decorate Before It’s Too Late- It’s always a good idea to start decorating your home as early as possible by hiring Residential Architect Pune, or top architects in Pune, in particular, Interior Designer in Baner, enabling you to go for major or minor modifications in your home décor as soon as possible so that you can take time out for other works.
  • DIY, The ‘It’ Thing- DIY is trending, and with an ample amount of time in your hands, you can save quite a bit of money for yourself. This makes you go and adopt any style and contrast for your home décor according to your choices by getting in touch with some top architects in Pune. Moreover, with a wide array of options and styles available in the market, you can opt for customization relating to every section of your home, even having a particular theme and décor for every corner of your house.
  • Make It Eco-Friendly- In today’s time, sustainability is of paramount importance in every sphere of life, especially with the increasingly detrimental effects of global warming and the greenhouse effect. So, it’s high time you use eco-friendly products and materials and always make it a point to store and dispose of waste properly and recycle materials as much as you can. Furthermore, reusable lights and wrap paper add up to the sustainability of home décor. 
  • Customization- A common trend these days is to go for customization. For instance, a living room can be customized by Residential Architect Pune, specifically, Interior Designer in Baner, Pune, keeping in mind the family theme as the common area. Also, the room can be decorated in accordance with a particular member’s tastes and preferences.
  • Feeling Of Nostalgia-This trend is having a spike after COVID. The decorator, rather a Residential Architect Pune, or maybe, Interior Designer in Baner, Pune, creates an ambiance resembling childhood memories thereby giving the owner as well as kids, a sense of joy and happiness.
  • A Healthy Mix-The latest trend is a fusion of themes and style to get an out-of-the-ordinary outcome when it comes to creating the sort of ambiance you want. So, don’t battle your eyelids about employing a mix of modern decorations with conventional ones or vice versa, and need not worry about it being tacky or backdated or anything of that sort.
  • Front Porch-Have a word or two with Residential Architect Pune, and Residential Architect in Hyderabad rather than top architects in Pune, about decorating the front porch, the lack of attention would end up in making it look dull and drab.

Thus, hiring Top Architects in Pune would go a long way in making your abode look impressive and jaw-dropping!

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