Customize Your Kitchen Area with the Best Interior Look
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Customize Your Kitchen Area with the Best Interior Look

A kitchen is the place of hunger where we get delicious food cooked and so it needs to be managed perfectly. It’s more about the selection and design as per the Architect of your residential space.

There may be a small kitchen area, but if it is adequately arranged with cabinets and drawers, it will be spacious. A luxury kitchen is not only one with a hub stove and prominent space; in fact, it is one that has a high-quality designed kitchen with better functionality and extra space for storage.

From stylish to colorful and designer, there are several cabinets for the kitchen that are suggested by the Residential Architect Pune. They know how to design and how is it going to be processed, which is a basic approach for architecture as the kitchen is the only place which can’t be overlooked.

The experts have a complete idea of the kitchen flow and structure by working for the various projects. It is as per the design requested by the client with optimizing the performance and minimizing the cost of installation and setup.

Space is well defined if refreshed by the Best Interior Designer in Pune and categorizing 5 specific areas that are must-have for the kitchen.

Specifying the areas:

Pantry area with food storage and refrigerator placement, sink area for cleaning the slab and utensils, cooking area, storage area for keeping the cookware and utensils and preparation area where you can keep microwaves, mixer, or we can say the counter space.

There are two types of kitchens L and U shaped. There are different types of kitchen cabinets as well, which you can opt for designing the kitchen interior space.

They are as; base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, framed cabinets, and frameless cabinets. All these are named as per the construction basis and have an ideal style that is fit for the storage. With modern structure and remodeling suggestions, the Top architects in Pune helps you to specify the look.

Selecting the colors:

  • Our reviews are based on what we see and how we observe. Besides the perfect arrangement and placement the
  • With the modernizing décor, the white color has become a favorite pick; it adds brightness and a clean, crisp look, which is the ideal architectural choice.If the warm color is your pick like brown or mud yellows, it is also a perfect suggestion by the interiors. It offers a fresh look.
  • Black, the color of elegance, is another color of the year said by the Best Interior Designer in Pune. It adds a sophisticated look and overpowers the space.
  • If you like a brighter space, red is a perfect option that cheers your interior. It adds a sense of appeal and visual relief through stainless steel handles.
  • If you like to have the bold and statement looks with the torch of perfect mix, add sophistication with the teal or dark blue like shades.

With Xclusive Interiors, you can get the Interior designing solution and select the best cabinets which not only look classy but are traditional and perfect modular.

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