Office Interior Designer - Hints that Increase Productivity at Work
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Office Design Hints that Increase Productivity at Work

Why let technology alone shoulder the responsibility of increasing work productivity at the office when you can have your office interiors also work wonders for you in this regard? Yes. You read it right. Your office interiors, when planned and designed through the best commercial interior designers in Pune and Hyderabad, can catalyze growth in work efficiency, and at the same time, keep the office environment pleasant and cheerful at all times. Accordingly, here are a few hints.  Xclusive Interiors Pvt Ltd is best Commercial Interior Designer in Hyderabad and Pune.

5 Expert Office Interior Designer Tips to Optimize Productivity

  • Choose Office Colors Wisely

Remember, the freshness of your office plays a significant role in augmenting employee productivity and enhancing the overall efficiency of the workplace. And colors, precisely, prove a crucial factor in this regard. 

Accordingly, you must choose your office colors wisely. Refrain from using colors that spread negativity or prove a distraction. Use yellow colors that signify confidence and fun, green which represents freshness and nature; and blue that stimulates the mind yet provides a soothing effect. At times, depending on your business and the type and the age group of most of your team members, you can use a combination of colors as well.

  • Use the Right Room Fresheners

Using fresheners with a good yet strong odor can distract people and disallow people from concentrating on work, as it may cause allergies, result in nauseous feeling, etc. These factors can hamper work productivity to a significant extent. Hence, avoid using room fresheners with a solid or allergic odor. Instead, use light lemon or lavender odor scents to create a soothing and pleasant effect. Besides, using jasmine can uplift mood and thus contribute to happiness at work.

  • Reduce Noise Levels

External noise can prove a significant distraction for your employees and irritate them. Instead, invest in noise-proof arrangements, for instance, noise-proof windows that block external noise and keep the office free from commotion.

  • Maintain the Right Room Temperature

Thermal comfort is another significant factor that plays a pivotal role in enhancing employee productivity. Here, maintaining the right room temperature by creating an adequate number of natural vents, using them appropriately, using ACs relevantly, maintaining the proper temperature (neither too cold nor too moist), etc., can make the difference.

  • Organize Your Office

Sometimes, while everything is correct, all your office needs is a bit of reorganization. It includes compartmentalizing your workspaces, keeping drawers organized, enforcing a clean desk policy, maintaining proper distance between the chair and the table, positioning the monitor at or below the eye level, investing in reclined chairs, and yes, not to forget, cleaning the office regularly to ensure hygiene.

Get Your Interiors Designed with Xclusive Interiors – One of the Top Commercial Interior Designers in Pune

Xclusive Interiors, led by Nidhi Jaju, who also happens to be the proud recipient of several industry awards, recognitions, and accolades, is one of the best interior designers in Pune. and commercial interior designers in Hyderabad. The firm thinks innovatively and designs interiors to optimize the feel and charm of the space while also delivering value to the owner and the occupants. Xclusive continues to enhance commercial spaces, and if you too want to benefit from the firm’s exclusive, highly focused, and value-driven commercial interior designs, call +91 9881133542, or write to

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