Tips To Incorporate Green Concept In Interiors
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Tips To Incorporate Green Concept In Interiors

Pune based interior designing firm Xclusive Interiors opened its doors back in 2005. Today they are one of the leading interior designing firms that have an in-house, state-of-the-art designing studio. They use all the latest designing tools and arebacked by skilled technicians as well as designers. They deliver impressive results when one is willing to transform their homes, places of business into fashionable and functional spaces.

A few ways an interior designer can make their projects environment-friendly

People from all over the globe have started taking initiatives to make sure that they are minimizing their carbon footprint. This step, if properly implemented, can go a long way to help preserve the environment in its current condition. India, although a developing nation, too has started taking the matter of climate change very seriously. This is why, in most Indian metro cities, architects and interior designers are exploring new ways of implementing sustainable principles in their line of work.

As per the insights put forth by leading residential architect in Pune, most clients these days ask for sustainable interiors and architectural designs – both in their homes and offices.

Residential interior designer inPune understood that they are entrusted with the responsibility of making Indians aware of sustainable buildings and interior designs. It is the only way Indians too can do their part when it comes to preserving the environment.

The following sections will shed some light on a few steps that interior architect in Pune is implementing these days in their projects to make them sustainable:

Taking necessary steps to make homes and offices energy efficient

The two most important aspects of any interior designing project are heating, ventilation and lighting. Residential interior designer in Pune prefers taking the paths less taken to manage the insulation needs of their projects. They ask their clients to go for cotton drapes and wooden frames for windows. Cotton drapes will keep outside heat from entering the premises while the wood will prevent the cool air of your HVAC system from escaping. This will keep utility bills low and help you reduce your carbon footprint by many folds.

Asking their clients to install automation gadgets in their homes and places of business

Another unique, cost-efficient and environment-friendly step often taken by popular residential architect in Pune is to ask their clients to install automation gadgets in their premises. These automation devices are controlling devices that help in the remote operation of heating/cooling and lighting of a home or commercial establishment. Remotely controlling the heating, cooling and lighting systems of a building makes the whole process all the more efficient and economical.

Using organic, biodegradeable and renewable resources as building materials

Environment-friendly buildings are only possible to come up with when the same is made using organic materials such as wood, stone and other renewable resources. Residential interior designers often find themselves using bamboo for walls, artificial ceilings and the likes. It is a natural resource that is easy to replenish and doesn’t harm the environment as well.


Climate change is one of the major areas of concern these days. It is one of the many reasons why all sections of society are trying their best to minimize their carbon footprint. Forward-thinking people who want to build their dream homes but don’t want to hamper the environment around them often ask their interior designers to implement sustainable principles in their projects. This blog took a simple initiative to make you aware of some of them. If you have suggestions of your own, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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