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Unleashing Latest Trends In Office Décor

The term ‘office’ was generally associated with a dull, simple space with large cabins and few tables and chairs. Over the recent years, its definition has undergone a sea change. The office interior is of paramount importance because it imparts a creative ambiance for the employees, motivating them to attend regularly. Providing an amicable environment in the office interior is indispensable, adding a bit of a fascinating aura to your company. Keeping this in mind, we, at Xclusive Interiors Pvt. Ltd., the leading Interior Designer in Baner, Pune, housing Commercial Architect Pune and top architects in Pune, offer astounding services to make your office desirable!

Tips to obtain the best office décor:

  1. Texture Usage-Textures are the ‘In’ thing and never go out of style. Select texture design hiring a Commercial Architect Pune. Always make sure that the texture is formal and standard, which can be combined with some wall hangings or wall art to impart a modern, unique look to the office.
  2. Perfection And Simplicity-Maintaining the perfect décor with simplicity is the ultimate goal. Make office space comfortable by structuralizing furniture and keeping gaps between equipment. Also, see to it that floor has enough space for free movement with proper alignment of furniture-all these under the expertise of Interior Designer in Baner as well as top architects in Pune.
  3. Multifunctional Furnishing-Multifunctional furniture is the order of the day. Opt for wooden furniture with contrasting color shades complementing office décor with multifunctional tables, huge fancy chairs, and shelves for a private cabin. Also, attach a few sleeves on the walls for spaciousness.
  4. Wire, Data, Lighting-Proper lights with suitable wiring system save labor and are easy on relocation and safe for usage. Several modular wire and cable backup systems ensure the office’s smooth functioning and unique lighting lamps and wall light hangings, to be designed by top architects in Pune, making way for alluring office décor.
  5. Sitting Arrangement-Keep tables and desks simple with solid colors and add some zing to the office’s hangout places like cafeteria or lounge. Give a home-like feel to the cafeteria and open terrace by incorporating a sofa with multicolor cushions and eye-catching chairs and tables.
  6. Color Palette-Color palette should be attractive, simple, and formal. Commercial Architect Pune, nowadays, goes for melamine color schemes like dark wood wenge, pearl white and ochre, silver, blood red, grey, mystic blue, etc. in keeping with furniture color.
  7. Out-Of-The-Box Cabinets-Extraordinary table at the reception area catches everyone’s fancy and the same goes for cabinets and other office tables. Moreover, placing irregular furniture and antique ones also speaks volumes about your company’s identity and ideology.
  8. Workplace Station-Top architects in Hyderabad and Pune or Commercial Interior Designer in Pune and Hyderabad does not recommend the office workspace for employees to be too compact and uncomfortable leading to constant disturbances and discomfort.
  9. Meeting Room Layouts-Meeting room, to be designed by Interior Designer in Baner, must have the readiness to accept all employers’ thoughts and ideas accentuated by audio-visual screens, 3D model displays, centralized air conditioning, and temperature control.
  10. Play With Nature-Show plants requiring less water are a welcome change in office décor and can be kept in hallways or at an entrance or near reception, lending an exotic look to the office and exuding a positive vibe.

Thus, office interior décor under the patronage of Interior Designer in Baner, top architects in Pune, and Commercial Architect Pune, is an art in itself which needs constant evolvement.

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